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Under the theme of Memory and Dream, this BIAB is planned to take place in the autumn of 2015 in Beijing.
The opening ceremony of “Namibia in the Eyes of Chinese Photographers” photographic exhibition was held in China Photography Exhibition Center.
The 1st China International Photographic Art Festival and the 16th China International Photographic Art Exhibition will hold in Zhengzhou.
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Full Views of Luoyuan2013 is the 85th anniversary of the foundation of China Academy of Art. There are few colleges who have the history as profound as China Academy of Art, because it was founded in a special time.
Luo Feixiong: Best Time of Magic has GoneTalking about magicians in Taiwan, many will utter “Liu Qian”. If you raised the same question in the circle of magic performance, probably those professionals will utter another name—Luo Feixiong.
The Silk Road

In the 1st century, Kashgar was an important city on the Silk Road. What made this city so attractive?

Spicy Hunan Cuisine

The cooking skills employed in Hunan cuisine as early as the Western Han Dynasty.

Peking Opera Origins

Peking Opera is one of China′s best known cultural symbols - a unique stage performance.

Amazing Chinese Art
American Kids Visited the Backstage of Shadow Play
Overseas Presentation of Touching “China Dream”
Chinese Artist Made Kites on the Spot
Dialogue Trip of Chinese Folk Art and American Cowboy Expressions
In pictures
In Search of BorgesIn Search of Borges
Aesthetics Summary of Xu Daing’s PhotographyAesthetics Summary of Xu Daing’s Photography
Reinvention: Secret of Winning the Prize of Golden ClownReinvention: Secret of Winning the Prize of Golden Clown
Discovery of Trivial Interests in “Big” MonacoDiscovery of Trivial Interests in “Big” Monaco
Car Assembled on the Spot of Industrial Design Exhibition2013 1st China (Shenzhen) International Industrial
Ancient City of Aleppo in SyriaConcerted Efforts to Protect World Heritage amid Armed Conflicts
howcase in North Park Shopping CenterShowcasing Cultural Attraction from Multiple Levels, Angles and Aspects
Ghaffar in Peking Opera At the CrossroadA Foreigner’s Different Peking Opera Style
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